Summing up the brand:

NORDIQ Nutrition is a provider of no-additive and vegan natural supplements, formulated to support a modern active lifestyle. The products of NORDIQ Nutrition are a combination of nourishing botanicals and whole foods mixed with bioactive vitamins and plant-based compounds. The line of supplements includes supportive products of sports nutrition powders and products to support daily well-being.

Commission/Starting point:

The goal was to launch a new line of supplements in Finland for a target group of educated and socially aware adult consumers.


A launch event for NORDIQ Nutrition’s products was held for the media, with nutrition expert Jaakko Halmetoja as the guest speaker. To coincide with the launch, a joint blog and Instagram collaboration with popular lifestyle influencers Petra Korpi and Vilma Peltonen was also started. Due to this cooperation, various qualities of the product line and its user experiences were communicated to consumers on a deeper level.


The products of NORDIQ Nutrition have been prominently displayed in the most influential Finnish magazines that cover matters of health and well-being. In addition, the brand’s products have been present in different blogs and Instagram/Youtube posts of various influencers of social media.

“The product line launch of NORDIQ Nutrition went effortlessly and reliably, while carrying an extremely positive attitude. Blog collaborators were picked on the basis of both our and the client’s wishes, the potential target group, and the blogger’s own interest towards the world NORDIQ represents. As a result, NORDIQ Nutrition has been delightfully present in various health magazines and on social media. We feel that the importance of social media and bloggers is vital with implementing the brand, and therefore the great contacts provided by Sugar have been all the more important to us.”

– Annika Aro, Marketing Manager, NORDIQ Premium Group