TeeMaa x
media event

Summary of the brands:

TeeMaa imports and sells high-quality tea. They also advance knowledge of Chinese tea culture by organising courses and workshops in their shop on Annankatu, Helsinki. None of TeeMaa’s teas contain any additives and most of the fragrances and flavours of their products come from entirely natural ingredients, as well as by traditional preparation methods. In 2016, TeeMaa was awarded the Teen Ystävät ry honorary diploma.

Sunspelt develops versatile food products from ancient, natural crops, such as spelt and Finnish gluten-free quinoa. Authenticity, ethical values, and sustainability are the defining values that drive the international company’s operations. The products are made according to fair standards and all of the products are certified organic.

Commission and starting point:

The commission was to introduce Sunspelt’s product lines and TeeMaa’s services and quality teas to the media through a gourmet breakfast event. The collaboration’s aim was to create the biggest possible media exposure between the two brands.


Approximately 20 food journalists and social media influencers were invited to the breakfast. Top chef Arto Rastas had created a three-course menu with SunSpelt products, with various TeeMaa teas being served alongside the food. The matching of two interesting food cultures created an inspiringly fresh experience.


25 journalists and bloggers attended the brunch. Due to the event, SunSpelt and TeeMaa received visibility in over 40 print publications and social media profiles. Also, a leading food magazine published a story about the event.