Weleda x Zuii
media event

Summary of the brands:

Zuii is a comprehensive colour cosmetic line of professional-level quality. The products are made of plant-based materials that nourish and protect the skin, such as flowers and a dash of minerals. The certified organic line does not contain any strong and harmful chemicals, preservatives or additive substances. The Zuii products are developed and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia.

Started in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own plant garden, Weleda is the leading developer and manufacturer of natural cosmetics and anthroposophic medicine. Weleda produces hundreds of products for natural cosmetics, along with thousands of medicinal products – many of them manufactured from the medicinal plants of Weleda’s own garden even to this day. Fair trade and fair treatment, high quality, high environmental standards and ethical values are the defining values that drive the international company’s operations. Weleda products are naturally and organically certified, 100% natural and do not contain any synthetic ingredients.

Commission and starting point:

The aim was to boost the media exposure of the newest and most current products of Weleda and Zuii. Journalists and media influencers were invited to a breakfast event that had Zuii’s newly launched Lip & Cheek Créme and Weleda’s Skin Food lotion as its primary focus. The participants learned about the brands and the products through an inspiring makeup workshop.


The event took place in a cosy apartment that was rented out by agency Bo LKV and had been decorated accordingly to create an intimate atmosphere. To provide an inner glow for all attendees, a delightful breakfast was served by Goodio. The event itself began with a tutorial makeup from makeup artist Jenny Jansson. This was followed by participants creating their own makeup looks with Weleda and Zuii products and with the guidance of Jansson and makeup artist Aino-Sofia Kojonen. Photographer Karoliina Jääskeläinen captured the results, and the images were later sent to the attendees. Everyone was also given a personalised goodie bag with individual makeup products chosen to suit just them.


The event received a lot of visibility on Instagram, with the bloggers sharing pictures of the visually attractive venue. Single products, as well as makeup tips, have been shared on blogs even months after the event took place.