About us

Started in 2011, our agency’s top priority has been to inspire people to achieve a more responsible way of consuming products. Ever since our beginning, we’ve been driven by a strong vision where responsible values and ecological goals will never compromise the quality of life.

The core of Sugar is rich with ideas: a diverse team consisting of bloggers, marketing experts, a Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics, and journalists. Our extensive know-how creates a powerful combination of varied assets to help your brand succeed.

Saana Sillanpää / Head of Lifestyle PR

saana(a)sugarhelsinki.com 040 743 0432

Noora Westerlund / Strategist

noora(a)sugarhelsinki.com 050 351 2815

Anna Kesti / Showroom Manager

anna(a)sugarhelsinki.com 045 131 9449

Aino Keskitalo / Brand and Communications Manager, Food & Wellness

aino(a)sugarhelsinki.com 0414431559

Essi Hautaluoma / Brand and Communications Manager, Beauty

essi(a)sugarhelsinki.com 050 380 5234

Mia Frilander / Brand and Communications Manager, Beauty (Äitiyslomalla)