About us

Started in 2011, our agency’s top priority has been to inspire people to achieve a more responsible way of consuming products. Ever since our beginning, we’ve been driven by a strong vision where responsible values and ecological goals will never compromise the quality of life.

The core of Sugar is rich with ideas: a diverse team consisting of bloggers, marketing experts, a Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics, and journalists. Our extensive know-how creates a powerful combination of varied assets to help your brand succeed.

Saana Sillanpää / Head of Lifestyle PR

What is your area of responsibility at Sugar?

I handle the strategic planning and sales of Sugar’s clientele. My other area of responsibility is to lead the Sugar team and steer its development. The little sister of my colleague actually came up with a lot more accurate title: captain/overseer.

What was your dream profession as a child?

My most unique desire was to become an astronomer. I figured I could spend every day gazing at the beauty of the sky – with my telescope I’d discover new stars and name them as I please. Marine biology was another point of interest: hanging out under the sea with dolphins or whales appealed to me even back then.

What inspires you right now?

Nature keeps inspiring me every season. My thoughts become clearer and more peaceful after a morning swim or a walk through the woods. I regularly need time alone in the wild. In fact, the treats from our nature keep inspiring me also in the kitchen!

saana@sugarhelsinki.com 040 743 0432

Essi Hautaluoma / Brand and Communications Manager, Beauty

What is your area of responsibility at Sugar?

My primary job is to handle the PR and communication of Sugar’s beauty and cosmetics brands. I also assist in the media exposure of our natural cosmetics brands in a number of different ways.

Name the beauty routine you’d never skip.

I could never go to bed without removing my makeup. The freshest feeling your face can have is after a double-cleansing, moisturising toner and a face oil.

What is your favourite place in the world?

Lapland, during summer.

essi@sugarhelsinki.com 050 380 5234

Ida Hanhiniemi / Brand and Communications Manager, Food & Wellness

What is your area of responsibility at Sugar?

I handle all clients regarding food, well-being, fashion, and decoration at Sugar. To sum it all up, my job is to have our clients presented in the right places at the right time. I am also the main editor of the Sugar blog and Instagram channel.

What are the default items in your kitchen?

High-quality organic olive oil, avocados, garlic, black pepper, and salt. Not forgetting oatmeal porridge and dark roast coffee!

What’s your perfect weekend like?

The right blend of making things happen and having a break: a good night’s sleep with a relaxed breakfast and a bit of adventuring.

ida@sugarhelsinki.com 0405131426

Sylvia Sene / Strategist

What is your area of responsibility at Sugar?

I handle the strategy, planning, and sales regarding our clients’ PR actions. My job is to see beyond tomorrow and harness the most intriguing upcoming trends to the benefit of our clients.

Name your secret skill.

I can imitate accents from different parts of the world.

What is your favourite scent?

Scents are really important to me – their effect is so vast! Which also means my favourite scent really depends on my mood. But if I’d have to pick one, I’d say the scent of an early summer’s lilac is pretty hard to beat.

sylvia@sugarhelsinki.com 045 632 1091

Oona Pohjolainen / Content Producer

What is your area of responsibility at Sugar?

I plan concepts, write and take photographs for the Sugar Universe digital medium.

Name your favourite travel memory?

I did a spontaneous road trip with my sisters a while ago. We drank a bit of wine on the beach, saw some amazing northern lights and fell asleep under a night sky of shooting stars.

What would you cook for your dinner guests?

I could eat some lemon-garden thyme pasta pretty much every day. So simple but deceptively delicious.

oona@sugarhelsinki.com 044 275 3090