For clients

At Sugar we strive for long term client relationships that are based on mutual understanding of the goals for the collaboration.

We believe that all successful communication and marketing start from creating or executing a strategy that defines the framework for our collaboration. A PR strategy that determines the goals and target groups for the collaboration helps us define the combination of different pr acts that lead to best possible results.

We offer a holistic PR service that can include everything from strategic insight to a monthly PR collaboration. We are also eager to help with PR projects such as arranging events of preparing a service or a product launch.

With our PR Service we enhance product trial by:

  • Seeding to media and influencers:
  • Presenting brands at Sugar showroom and online showroom
  • Pitching brands and products to magazine’s and influencers’
  • Creating lasting relationship with editors and influencers

Our services include

PR strategies that determine goals and target groups of the collaboration. Defining the combination of different pr acts leads to best possible results.

Insight and trend services. Always future orientated. Producing trend reports and market insight that help us interpret and create phenomenon. 

PR as a monthly service includes showroom and online showroom services and PR activities as agreed. A dedicated PR manager represents the brand for the media. 

Influencer marketing, seeding and collaborations through our wide and well known network of influencers.

Planning and organizing events that are impactful and engaging for the selected target audience

Social media Communication planning, management and content production to grow communities and engage audiences.

Let’s talk about how we can help your company to become more impactful!