Kiilto – An Authentic Home Invites You in





Home and cleaning



At the start of 2023, cleaning product brand Kiilto sought to evolve its customer promise from “a clean home invites you in” to “an authentic home invites you in.” This change aimed to reduce home shame and spark conversations about different types of homes and cleaning habits. Kiilto wanted to implement this new customer promise through storytelling, and they commissioned Sugar Helsinki to create a comprehensive PR campaign that would bring this new vision to life.


Our PR collaboration aimed to launch Kiilto’s renewed product line, emphasizing the new customer promise and raising discussion around home shame and various cleaning habits. We developed a detailed communication plan that included launch announcements, media and influencer events, and PR packages with commercial collaborations. Our goal was to implement Kiilto’s new customer promise through engaging storytelling and to communicate the new products to a wide range of journalists and influencers.

During the launch campaign, we showcased the products to the media at our showroom and online. We ensured that media and influencers received ongoing information about the new products and brand reminders through diverse and proactive outreach. The campaign was supported by influencer partnerships, which highlighted the message of allowing authenticity in homes and celebrating the uniqueness of every home. Influencers were encouraged to reflect on their own attitudes towards their homes in their content, effectively reinforcing Kiilto’s new customer promise.


The comprehensive PR campaign resulted in the successful launch of Kiilto’s renewed product line in the spring of 2023. Top Finnish influencers shared their thoughts on the new Kiilto brand and products, many praising the campaign as one of their favorite collaborations of the year. Influencers appreciated the well-executed campaign and resonated with the message of embracing the authenticity of each home. Journalists from prominent publications such as Deko, Koti ja Keittiö, Meillä Kotona, Kotiliesi, Avotakka, and Asun attended the launch events, contributing to the extensive media coverage. The combined media value of the PR efforts, including the pr sendouts and launch event coverage, reached nearly 300,000 euros, underscoring the campaign’s success in elevating Kiilto’s brand visibility and reinforcing its new customer promise.