Twisted Oats – have your cake and eat it too

Twisted Oats

Twisting expectations – a culinary innovation on live TV.


Mums Oy





Press & Recognition

Full points from the judges and the consumers


In the quest to introduce a groundbreaking product, Mums, an innovative company in plant-based cuisine, ventured into “Suomalainen menestysresepti” – the Finnish recipe for success – a Finnish reality show, with a spoonable raw porridge that would redefine the product category. Founders Katariina and Marjaana turned to Avidly & Sugar for a brand strategy that would not only win over the TV panel of judges but also name their product, craft its identity and design a market introduction strategy. We delivered with TV cameras filming.


The narrative of ‘being twisted’ catered to the unpredictability of cravings and the liberation of choice. Is it a guilt-free treat or a sinful delight? 

Twisted Oats presented itself as a vegan, raw porridge delight, offering a medley of flavours without the guilt of added sugars or sweeteners. This narrative resonated with the founders’ ethos of embracing one’s twisted uniqueness. With Twisted Oats, the answer is delightfully ambiguous. Have your cake and eat it too.

The branding journey was a holistic endeavour, encompassing naming, visual identity, PR campaigns, and market positioning, all tailored to spotlight Twisted Oats as the new sensation in the Finnish food scene. The visual identity was as vibrant as the product itself, featuring twisted swirls, soothing pastels, and dynamic typography, complemented by a slogan that resonated deeply with the Finnish penchant for playful language.

Puurot ja pullat sekaisin (Porridges and buns mixed up), akin to the English expression mixing apples and oranges which captured the essence of the brand’s playful innovation. The tone of voice bridged Finnish and English in a way that mirrored contemporary speech patterns. 

After the launch, Sugar created a communication strategy, a social media plan for Instagram and TikTok, with the task of generating enthusiasm for the TV show. It all led to a website we designed,, which was made easy to use, straightforward, but also information-rich, so that the questions raised by the new product would all be answered to everyone’s satisfaction.


The brand execution got full points from the TV show’s judges (made up of a professional chef, a former ad exec, the head of retail in the nation’s largest grocery chain, and a consumer research professional.

The buzz from consumers was palpable. With coverage across major media outlets and an overwhelming response on social media, Twisted Oats became a household name overnight. The shelves emptied as fast as they were stocked, a testament to the Finnish palate’s readiness for innovation.