Mossa – Berrylicious Skincare


Creating a community around berry-powered skincare.


Mossa Cosmetics





Mossa is an organic Ecocert-certified cosmetic line whose natural skincare products are based on unique vitamin compositions derived from northern berries. The long-term collaboration between Sugar and Mossa has strengthened Mossa’s brand awareness and helped make it a widely recognised and beloved staple brand for many.


Sugar has been responsible for Mossa’s social media channels as part of the PR and communication partnership since 2018. Sugar manages Mossa’s social media channels, handling both maintenance and content creation. In collaboration with the client, Sugar has developed Mossa’s distinctive visual identity and tone of voice on social media, aiming to create engaging, informative and inspiring content that resonates with the target audience.

In 2024, Sugar collaborated closely with Mossa to launch a TikTok profile for the brand. This involved crafting an engaging and effective communication strategy for the new platform, including defining the tone of voice and visual identity. Sugar also took over content creation on the Mossa TikTok channel and continues to expand the brand’s presence on the platform, alongside managing community interactions.


Mossa’s brand awareness has grown as a result of persistent development and content creation efforts. Mossa’s Instagram channel has fostered a warm and committed community of consumers interested in natural cosmetics, and the account’s follower count has steadily grown.

Over the years, Mossa’s Finnish Instagram account has also served as an example for its international counterpart. Since February 2023, Mossa’s Finnish and international Instagram accounts have merged, leading Sugar to take full responsibility for Mossa’s social media content creation and management in close collaboration with Mossa’s team.