Who we are

Sugar Helsinki is a pioneering regenerative brand communications agency driving the future for tomorrow’s market leaders. The world is ready for change, and we are here to make it irresistibly sweet.

We empower brands that dare to dream bigger and strive not only to succeed today but to thrive for generations. Together, we will shape a future where success is measured not just in profit, but in the positive impact we create.

Founded in 2011 and built on sustainable values, Sugar Helsinki has consistently helped like-minded brands expand.

Our team is a dynamic blend of dedicated professionals, visionary thinkers and creative innovators, all driven by a shared commitment to elevate brands that not only sustain but regenerate our planet. We delve into industry trends and consumer behaviour to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve. 

Find the right experts for the unique needs of your brand here. We have seasoned experts in branding who craft compelling narratives and visual identities, combining creativity with an understanding of regenerative principles. Our strategists develop long-term plans that align with our clients’ business goals, guiding them towards impactful and positive change. Our community managers and pr specialists build supportive networks to foster connections between our clients and their communities.

Meet our team

Saana Sillanpää

Head of Lifestyle PR

Aino Keskitalo

PR Manager

Noora Westerlund


Roosa Rauatmaa

PR Manager

Oona Pohjolainen

PR Manager

Nelli Korhonen

Showroom Assistant

Mia Zambra

On study leave