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Alpro Nordic Rye Launch

A multifaceted launch with diverse PR efforts resulted in widespread attention to the new product.

Alpro is a frontrunner in the plant-based revolution. It has a mission to offer an increasingly wide selection of plant-based choices and flavors, encouraging as many as possible to switch to a more sustainable, planetary health diet.


Alpro’s selection of plant-based milk varieties grew with the Alpro Nordic Rye drink: the world’s first rye-based plant milk made out of Finnish rye.


Sugar was commissioned to carry out the launch of the new product in the Spring of 2022, including a press release, influencer collaborations, send-outs, and various other PR actions. 

PR send-outs bursting with rye-licious inspiration, including an oven-fresh cardamom bun loaf baked with Alpro Nordic Rye drink, a fascinating book about the history of rye, as well as the brand new product, were created in collaboration with culinary influencer Satu Koivisto and delivered to 12 influencer’s homes. 

Additionally, Sugar coordinated influencer campaigns together with three selected influencers, who communicated about the new product on their social media platforms in an inspiring way.



PR and communications

Influencer marketing


The press release resulted in 92 media hits in the press and social media. 16 print- and online publications, including Helsingin Sanomat, Iltalehti, and Voi Hyvin, featured the new rye drink. 

All of the 12 influencers who received the send-out posted on their social media platforms. 

All in all, the multifaceted launch with diverse pr efforts gathered widespread attention to the new product.

more than 90
media hits

16 online- or print features

100% of the recipients of the send-outs posted