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Erisan+ New Product Launch

The new Erisan+ products got more than 80 media hits within the first few months after the launch.

Erisan+ is a Finnish natural, prebiotic cosmetics brand for sensitive skin.


Sugar helped launch two new Erisan+ products, the Facemask and the Eye Cream, in February 2022.


A press release of the two new products was distributed, and influencers and beauty editors were invited to a lunch event where writer Eeva Kolu gave an inspiring speech about vulnerability. Press send-outs were sent to influencers who weren’t able to participate in the event. 

In May, Erisan+ was also present at the Northern Spa influencer retreat organized by Sugar at Hawkhill villas in Nuuksio. At the retreat, the influencers were pampered with a relaxing sauna experience, complete with nourishing Erisan+ products they could later take home.




PR and communications


More than 30 beauty influencers and editors participated in the launch event at restaurant Nolla, and a lot of positive feedback was received on the spot. 

The press release generated many product orders that, in turn, resulted in the Erisan+ products being featured on social media and in various publications. Erisan+ products were also featured in several influencer posts from the Northern Spa retreat in Hawkhill, Nuuksio. 

Between February and June 2022, Erisan+ has gathered more than 80 media hits, and the products have received exclusively positive feedback.

The new Erisan+ products got more than 80 media hits between February and June 2022.