House of Organic Content Collaboration

House of Organic is a 2016-founded Finnish webshop specialized in natural cosmetics and goods. They offer a selection of affordable, effective, and sustainable products for a natural skincare routine. Sugar has done several paid partnerships with House of Organic on the Sugar Helsinki Instagram


House of Organic wanted to boost the Luonnonkosmetiikkapäivät sales campaign with a content collaboration.


Sugar collaborated with House of Organic in a paid partnership in which five team members recommended the top products for their skin type from the Luonnonkosmetiikkapäivät campaign collection. The collaboration appeared on the Sugar Instagram feed, and the products together with descriptions of each team member’s unique skin care needs were posted on Instagram Stories.


Sugar as a medium

Content collaboration

Paid partnership


Followers were interested in learning about the team member’s favorite products and liked to receive information about natural cosmetics in a personal way. The Luonnonkosmetiikkapäivät campaign paid partnership post received 195 comments and 360 likes. Each of the 17 Instagram Stories was viewed 663-985 times.



663-985 views per story